T-minus 17 hours

We have less than 17 hours before we are wheels up. I didn’t think I would be as upset aout leaving everyone that we have met,  but I have to admit it is a bit sad. One of my classmates said that “FSI will never be the same. You will come back and know some people but you will never come back and know the amount of people that you do now.” The other part about that is everyone that I have met, we will always have something in common we were all new together.

We are excited to say the least! Pack out went well. They did say they are not allowed to pack jewelry or money. Not that we were shipping the Hope Diamond or anything but the mover saw some lose change and was like ,”we cant handle that”. This goes for costume jewelry to. So the carry on it is.

The last couple days of work, it went very smooth, they gave us a chance to catch up on everything that we felt we were behind on. I see this as a common theme with all my classmates. We all felt as if we were behind and “missing some sort of paperwork” every bit of the way for the past 6 months. Nobody that I know was so behind that they didn’t get everything done by completion of checkout. (So if that helps- you can relax a bit).

Looking back it seems to be a bit of a blur. We enjoyed our time in DC and we saw everything that we wanted to. So far this was a great decision and by that I mean I feel that we are among some truly exceptional people that we have a lot in common with. My wife especially feels that it is very family oriented and has made some great friends. A couple of notes of things that you should keep in mind if you do accept the offer:

  • Bring a blank CD- you will need this to transfer your files/.pst files when you check out. Trust me pack one, its better than scrambling at the end.
  • Make sure you sign up for dental insurance if you need to get work done. For some reason I thought I had more time b/c we were going overseas (LCE) and I could sign up anytime, Nope, you have 90 days.
  • If you are going to be in Oakwood for an extended amount of time you might want to pack out your own knives and ladles and kitchen stuff. They were cheap and it would have been nice to have a few more kitchen items. (I thought they were fine, but my wife grew tired of them) But she is right with a pack-out available we should have done it.
  • It was very nice to have a vehicle while we were at Oakwood. Especially for grocery shopping. That being said you can easily get by without one but it was really, really nice to have are Jeep with us.
  • If you have kids-we wish we would have brought our kids bikes, its gotten warm and our kids have been pretty envious of everyone that has their bike.



3 thoughts on “T-minus 17 hours

  1. Good luck. We did not live close to each other but this is so far. Hopefully I will be able to come over to visit. Keep the pictures coming so we can enjoy your adventure with you. Love you guys. Have a safe trip

  2. Have fun! Work hard! Remember the little people, and wish you were here for some ball games!! Keep in touch!! Take care of yourselves. Peace & Love, Deana and Willie (you will be missed)

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